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We’ve all dreamed of quitting our day job and going into a dog-centric business. So, when I heard about Kristin Morrison’s new book of tips, 30 Days to Start and Grow Your Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Business: A Step-By-Step Guide to Launch, Attract Clients, and Make a Profit, from the pet-sitting and dog-walking business she had for 18 years, I knew Dogster readers would want to hear about it.

Starting a Pet-Sitting and Dog-Walking Business

Kristin Morrison.

Kristin Morrison offers some pro tips on running a successful pet-sitting and dog-walking business.

She describes a person that could make a go at this business. “A self-starter who loves animals, is motivated, willing to work hard, someone who enjoys working from home as well as going to clients’ homes to take care of pets,” she says.

I then asked — how many hours do you need to devote? “Most people who start a pet business work long hours (50 to 60 hours a week), at least to start while they are building up the business and client base,” she explains. “After they’ve had their business for a while they can and should be a lot more selective about what clients they take on and areas they cover, and they can also hire dog walkers or pet sitters to help them. When I sold my business, I was only working 10 to 15 hours a week while my staff of 35 and four managers ran the business for me when I wasn’t working.”

Building Your Pet-Sitting and Dog-Walking Business

Kristin says it’s possible for someone who pets sits and dog walks to make six figures.

Kristin describes this book as a daily guide with action steps. It gives solid instruction from start up to marketing to money management, plus contains real-life examples from her own experience as well as from pet sitters and dog walkers around the world.

The book is available on Amazon (Read more)

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