#45 – Patriotism & Cats: Red Cat Blue Paw Premium Long Sleeve Shirt


#44 – Stand Up To Animal Cruelty With This

#43 – 5 Strand “Infinite Love” Bracelet

#42 – Tervis® Insulated Tumblers for Cat Lovers – available in 16oz. and 24oz. sizes!

#41 – These Cute Catnip Toys For The Sushi-Loving Cat. Also Available In Shapes For Your Techie Kitty

#40 – This Super Comfy Premium Scoop Neck Sweatshirt

#39 – Funny Apparel – More Designs Available

#38 – This Silk Scarf That Is Light Enough To Wear In Any Weather


#37 – Or These Fringed Scarves

#36 – Wine Charms, Perfect for Holiday Dinner Parties!

#35 – This Window Sticker Reminds People To Adopt – Don’t Shop! Other Designs Available.

#34 – Keep Your Kitty Close To Your Heart With This Locket

#33 – Cozy Nightshirts – Available in 17 Designs

#32 – Relief for Itchy Cats

Do you know someone who’s cat suffers from itchy dry skin or allergies? Often cats with allergic skin disease are deficient in Omega-3 fatty acids. These popular krill based soft chews might offer a big relief.

#31 – This Glove That Makes Grooming More Enjoyable For You And Your Cat

#30 – Beanies For Cat Lovers In Different Styles

#29 – Vertical Cat Scratchers Are Fun For Your Cat And Will Help Keep Him Healthy

#28 – Single Ingredient Treats That Are Made With Real Meat. Mix & Match Any 5 Packs For $35!

#27 – And Beanies With Cat Ears – Show These Ears Off While You Keep Your Ears Warm!

#26 – A Gift For Everyone – A Digital Gift Certificate To The iHeartCats Store!

#25 – A Sleek Wallet With Teeny Tiny Cat Ears!

#24 – …and A Bag To Match!

#23 – These Life-Saving Bracelets, Each One Sold Helps Transport Shelter Pets out of Kill Shelters!

#22 – Toxic Cat Foods Magnet Will Remind You What Foods Are Dangerous For Your Kitty

#21 – Cozy Embroidered Microfleece Jackets, Available for Women or Men

#20 – “Hug A Shelter Cat” Adjustable Ring Feeds 20 Shelter Cats!

#19 – Second Chance Movement™ Necklace With 3 Interchangable Snap Buttons

#18 – Coffee Mugs For The Caffinated Cat Lover

#17 – Kid Collection For Your Littlest Cat Lovers

#16 – Trucker Hats


#15 – This Stylish Varsity Long Sleeve Shirt That Shows Off Your Love For Black Cats


#14 – The Ultimate Shirt for Wine Lovers & Animal Rescue Supporters!

#13 – These Silicone Wine Cups That Won’t Shatter When Your Cat Pushes Them Off The Counter

#12 – The Always by My Heart Ring, Reminding You of Your Kitty

#11 – This Sticker That Lets First Responders Know There’s a Pet in Your Home

#10 – Matching ‘Best Friends’ Necklace & Collar Tag

#9 – Heartbeat Paw Necklace

#8 – Fuzzy Paw Gloves

#7 – Rainbow Bridge Lava Memorial Bracelet – Feeds 7 Shelter Pets in Memory of Your Cat

#6 – Our Popular New Varsity Slouchy Hoodie Collection

#5 – Second Chance Movement Paracord Bracelet – Each One Sold Funds 4 Miles of Life-Saving Shelter Transports!

#4 – Our Cat Sketch Collection – Clothing and Accessories With This Cool Design!

#3 – Adorable Cat Socks!

#2 – Reusable Shopping Bags – Save Shelter Pets & the Planet! This One Folds Up Into A Cat When You’re Not Using It!

#1 – This Life Saving Sterling Silver Bracelet – Every Purchase Funds 10 Miles of Transport, Moving Shelter Pets from Kill Shelters to Safety!

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